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Poster for FIFA 17 the Journey

An Unexpected Surprise – The Journey

Six months ago, I never would’ve thought I would be doing this; three months ago I never would’ve thought I would be saying this. What exactly? Well, 6 months ago I never would have thought I would be playing a FIFA game and 3 months ago I never would have thought that I could possibly […]

The For Honor Alpha Heroes

The For Honor Alpha has been over for a few days now and I find myself missing the gameplay a bit. It’s not that there’s a shortage of entertaining and good multiplayers out there, it’s just that I noticed this as it did not happen with any other pre-release (Beta) in recent memory. Not for […]

Pixel by Pixel Perfection

It will be hard to view any game with the same eyes after having finished Uncharted 4. Naughty Dog have once again raised the bar, quite substantially… again. For one thing they have undoubtedly proven that it’s no longer the case that a game’s graphics are primarily influenced by the hardware specs of the machine […]

Partially Declassified

We’re selective about the titles we play, as playing through a game is definitely a longer endeavour than most other forms of entertainment and we don’t have access to an unlimited supply of time. That’s the context in which, in retrospect, The Bureau is a unique game. It’s an incredible mishmash of elements seemingly created […]

San Andreas Academics

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – the game that stole my summer away in 2005, was recently relaunched on the XBOX 360 to mark its 10 year anniversary. We were interested in it both for reasons of nostalgia and as a study of the evolution of games. Played it for a few hours and while […]

An Ageless Underwater Utopia

We started BioShock, the first of the series, yesterday and so far played through its first hours. It truly is a unique game that’s atmosphere, gameplay and story really stand out. Even though graphically it shows its age, what’s remarkable about it, even after 7 years in which the gaming industry has progressed immensely, is […]

Destiny Beta

Downloaded and played the Destinity Beta for a few hours, earlier today. First impression was that it’s a really well implemented shooter, in terms of game mechanics and gameplay, but it’s really lacking story-wise. The plot and the background story feel shallow and naive and thus I lost my interest in the game overall. The […]

Just Good Enough

Completed Charlie Murder earlier today and it almost didn’t leave any impressions on me. Nothing particularly memorable, neither good nor bad. Maybe if I were looking at just its theme it would stand out a bit, as it’s not everyday that you get a punk rock apocalypse, but not by too much. However overall, as […]

Kill with Skill in Bulletstorm

The Bulletstorm campaign is done. Considering what it is (basically a brainless shooter) it was relatively entertaining as the addition of the skill kills kept me engaged. Regardless of what the pseudo-story might tell you(a)Blah, blah, blah… kill… blah, blah, blah – Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, the skill kills are actually the main objective […]

The Length of Dishonored

Completed the Dishonored campaign. My in-the-moment impressions are that it was a polished and unique game with a great atmosphere. Heard it being called a short game, but I think it’s quite the opposite, as the game features an immersive main quest and the play time is not artificially lengthened by repetitive side quests and […]