Pixel by Pixel Perfection

It will be hard to view any game with the same eyes after having finished Uncharted 4.

Naughty Dog have once again raised the bar, quite substantially… again. For one thing they have undoubtedly proven that it’s no longer the case that a game’s graphics are primarily influenced by the hardware specs of the machine it’s running on; the main factor now is the amount of work developers are willing to put into building visual details, often pixel by pixel as revealed in the The Making of Uncharted 4 video series. There are a lot of moments in the game when you’ll be watching the screen in disbelief that this level of visual detail can now be achieved in a realtime CG render. Having said that, the visual fidelity is just one of the aspects where the game shines. Every aspect from the acting to the design of the environments stand high above almost anything else and together they make up an unforgettable experience. There are extremely few games (or for that matter entertainment/fictional products in general) that can be said to belong to the same class of perfectly executed products; GTA V comes to mind, but that’s a different kind of a beast, altogether.

On a side note I want to add that I very rarely replay games, almost never actually, however, Uncharted 4 was the first game that I knew I wanted to replay before finishing my first playthrough, it’s simply that good.

Below are a few in-game shots we took while playing (the photo mode is awesome). To see more head over to our Flickr stream or Instagram feed.

An Uncharted Game Night

A Panamanian Prison Break

Braving the Cold

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