San Andreas Academics

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – the game that stole my summer away in 2005, was recently relaunched on the XBOX 360 to mark its 10 year anniversary. We were interested in it both for reasons of nostalgia and as a study of the evolution of games. Played it for a few hours and while we do find it interesting from an academic perspective, from an entertainment perspective, having been utterly spoiled in the time since by modern games, it’s getting harder and harder to see what was so enjoyable about it a decade ago. That’s not to say it’s not entertaining at all, it’s just that its shortcomings are so obvious now that it’s becoming rare that you’re truly entertained by it, if you’ve been playing games recently. Otherwise hints, or in quite a few cases more than hints, are obviously there, pointing to what was to be the incredible experience of GTA V.

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