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The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

I’m aware that nostalgia is a powerful thing, but still, I have to make note of the fact that I recently saw the results of a poll conducted by a popular gaming community (True Achievements) in order to determine the best games of the last generation. The results of the poll determined that BioShock was […]

An Ageless Underwater Utopia

We started BioShock, the first of the series, yesterday and so far played through its first hours. It truly is a unique game that’s atmosphere, gameplay and story really stand out. Even though graphically it shows its age, what’s remarkable about it, even after 7 years in which the gaming industry has progressed immensely, is […]

Destiny Beta

Downloaded and played the Destinity Beta for a few hours, earlier today. First impression was that it’s a really well implemented shooter, in terms of game mechanics and gameplay, but it’s really lacking story-wise. The plot and the background story feel shallow and naive and thus I lost my interest in the game overall. The […]

North, North of Skyrim

After 430 hours of gameplay I don’t think I want to delve into a review of the entire Skyrim experience. What I want to do however, is write a few words on Dragonborn, Skyrim’s third and final DLC. We played through the second part, or better yet, the final two thirds of the expansion these […]

Pandora’s Greatest

Completed Borderlands 2, the campaign and all its side missions. Done so in two sittings, as the first time around (more than a month and a half ago) I lost my enthusiasm for comparing and trading loot at some point. At first, we were put-off by the game’s visual style and promo materials and weren’t […]

Kill with Skill in Bulletstorm

The Bulletstorm campaign is done. Considering what it is (basically a brainless shooter) it was relatively entertaining as the addition of the skill kills kept me engaged. Regardless of what the pseudo-story might tell you(a)Blah, blah, blah… kill… blah, blah, blah – Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, the skill kills are actually the main objective […]

The Length of Dishonored

Completed the Dishonored campaign. My in-the-moment impressions are that it was a polished and unique game with a great atmosphere. Heard it being called a short game, but I think it’s quite the opposite, as the game features an immersive main quest and the play time is not artificially lengthened by repetitive side quests and […]